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Prime Academics provides one-to-one tutoring to students of all ages and abilities. We specialize in test prep, study skills, and all academic subjects, from kindergarten readiness through college level courses. We spend time to get to know our students and develop individualized tutoring plans to fit their unique learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses.

Whether your student is struggling in school, preparing for a difficult test, or seeking extra guidance to achieve excellence, our tutors make learning easy, effective, and enjoyable.

Math | Sciences | Foreign Languages / ESL | History/Social Studies | Test Prep | Reading |
English / Writing Skills | Pre-K/Elementary | Study, Organization & Test Taking Skills |
Homework Help | Special Needs | Computer Applications and Technical Support | Enrichment |
Home Schooling | Business Courses | Summer Programs


Our experienced math tutors are adept at making difficult concepts easy to understand. Whether your child is concentrating on elementary topics or tackling an advanced placement course, our tutors can help your student succeed with confidence.

Pre-Algebra | Algebra I & II | Geometry | Pre-Calculus | Calculus | Statistics | Arithmetic | Elementary | Middle School | AP | IB | College Courses

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Many of our science tutors have advanced degrees in their field and inspire students through their own passion for discovery. They help students understand the language of science, review relevant math topics, and synthesize material.

Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Earth Science | Environmental | Middle School | AP | IB | College Courses | SAT Subject Tests

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Foreign Languages

For many of our language tutors, English is a second or third language. They engage the student in dialogue practicing grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation skills, cultural knowledge, and literature.

Ask about our customized programs for adult learners and students who wish to learn a language outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Spanish | French | Chinese | Latin | German | Italian | Korean | Japanese | Hebrew | ESL | TOEFL | AP | SAT Subject Tests

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History & Social Studies

Our enthusiastic History tutors improve note-taking, summarizing, and test-taking skills while engaging their students in the subject. They help students form connections, condense and synthesize large amounts of material needed to successfully prepare for tests, and assist with researching, outlining and composing papers.

US History | World History | Ancient History | European History I AP | SAT Subject Tests

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Standardized Test Prep

We develop customized study plans for each student to maximize scores while making effective use of their time. Sessions address content, test-taking strategies, timing, and secrets of the test.

Four S: Strategies, Shortcuts, Secrets, Subject knowledge

Our test prep tutors have extensive experience with all aspects of standardized test preparation. Tutors are available to cover all parts of the tests, including math, science, writing, critical reading, and specific subject areas.

Please visit our Test Prep page for more information.


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Our Reading Specialists are trained in a variety of methods including the Wilson Reading System, Project READ, and the Orton-Gillingham program.

Comprehension | Decoding | Phonics | Word Structure I Inferring I Main Idea | Cause & Effect

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English / Writing Skills

Our English tutors support students throughout the entire writing process from organizing their thoughts, developing outlines, and structuring their writing to proof reading and editing their final drafts.

Essays | Research Papers | Book Reports | Reading Comprehension | Grammar | Mechanics| Creative Writing | Literature | Journalism | AP Courses | SAT Subject Test

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Pre-Kindergarten / Elementary

It’s never too early to develop and strengthen basic skills. We show students that they can succeed, reduce their anxiety about school, and make learning fun.

Kindergarten Readiness | Math | Reading | Writing | Enrichment | Study & Organizational Skills | Special Needs

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Study, Organizational, and Test Taking Skills

For many students, grades are not an accurate measure of what they actually know. Students often lack crucial organizational and planning skills or suffer from test anxiety, which translate to lower grades. Our tutors help students develop an organization system suited to their personal style and consistently track student progress. They guide students through the test-taking process showing them what to expect and how to prepare. By instilling these effective study methods, anxious students are transformed into confident ones with tools needed to thrive independently.

Outlining | Note Taking | Time Management | Summarizing | Following Directions | Study Habits | Test-Taking Strategies

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Homework Help

Today's student has many responsibilities and homework can be overwhelming for both student and parent. Working with our tutor can turn your child’s homework dilemmas into structured time that maximizes their understanding while teaching them how to balance their workload.

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Special Needs

We have many highly qualified special education tutors and specialists dedicated to supporting students with alternative learning styles.

ADD | ADHD | Dyslexia | Autism | Executive Functioning | Processing | Memory

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If your child likes a challenge, we are happy to present advanced concepts to enhance and expand student understanding. Tutors can work ahead in a subject or design projects specifically suited to your child.

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Home Schooling

Tutors are available to support the home-schooled student in all academic subjects. We can assist with an occasional topic, teach a complete course, or help with curriculum.

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Business Courses

Finance | Accounting | Statistics | Economics | Computer Applications | Technical Support

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